Banking Laws & Regulation

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The banking system of Afghanistan has a long history of operations but has been developed on modern standards only in the recent years. The central bank of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Bank) is the sole entity of licensing and regulating the banks and non-banking financial institutions. Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) is also responsible for the maintaining the money supply, currency circulation and indirectly the inflation and exchange rates. DAB has now established branches in all 34 provinces of the country and introduced the transfer of funds through SWIFT.

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Banking Service


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DAB has continuously worked on developing a framework of laws aimed at safeguarding and facilitating commercial and financial transactions, and creates a legal basis for pro-active relationships between banks and investors. Some of these laws are listed below:
Finance Other than standard laws, Da Afghanistan Bank has also issued regulation for the performance of certain banking and finance activities. Some are listed below:  

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Finance Regulation