Work Permit

Foreign nationals coming to Afghanistan to work in government, semi government or private institutions/companies are required to obtain a work permit from Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Disabled (MLSAD). To obtain work permit following steps should be taken.

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  • 1. Application letter by government or private organizations/companies for obtaining work permit for their foreign national employees. The application letter should be either in Dari or Pashto.
  • 2. Original passport with 2 (3×4) photos of the applicant (employee).
  • 3. No criminal record letter from Interpol or the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • 4. The applicant must have valid visa for Afghanistan with the entry date.
  • 5. Original education document of the foreign employee.
  • 7. Validity of work permit will start from applicant’s last visa and entry date to Afghanistan. In case of renewal, the validity of work permit will start from the last day of the previous work permit.
  • 8. If a foreign employee resigns or is fired from his position, the employer has to submit the work permit of its foreign citizen at the Foreign Nationals Work Permit Department within one month.
  • 9. Introducing the signature of the president, vice president and authorized personnel at the Foreign Nationals Work Permit Department is mandatory.
  • 10. The original copy of the work permit will remain with the employer or company so that at the time of monitoring they can provide it to the concerned authorities.
  • 11. Blue color work permit is issued to Professional/experts and is valid for 5 years. Fee for blue color work permit is AFN 10,000.
  • 12. Work permit with yellow color is issued to skilled and semi-skilled labor and are valid for 2 years. Fee for yellow color work permit is AFN 10,000.
  • 13. Work Permit with white color is issued to professionals/experts and skilled workers who are intending to work for less than 3 months. Fee for white color work permit is AFN 10,000.
  • 14. Work permits issued at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled in Kabul are valid across all the provinces.
  • 15. Work permits issued at the zones are valid at their particular provinces.
  • 16. Zones cannot issue work permits to provinces that does not belong to their zones.
  • 17. Upon completing the required forms the employer has to pay AFN 10,000 for each work permit at MLSAD’s Bank A/C- 1224601 with Da Afghanistan Bank, located at Nader Pashtoon Watt and has to submit its invoice along with other documents to MLSAD.
  • 18. In case the employing institution acts against the procedure, their work permit will not be renewed.
  • 19. In case of loss of the work permit, letter from Afghan Elanat is mandatory.
  • 20. If the applicant is transferring from one company/organization to another, provision of no criminal record letter in Dari or Pashto language from the Ministry of Interior Affairs is mandatory.
  • 21. Work permits are valid only for one year, and can be extended, if necessary.
  • 22. For work permit license renewal, original copy of work permit, 2 (3×4) photos along with the application letter of the applicant are mandatory.
  • Source: Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled

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