Land Lease in Afghanistan


Land Lease in Afghanistan

Other than the Industrial Parks which are allotted with complete infrastructure (designing & mapping, roads, drainage system, water and power etc.) ready for use, the Independent Land Authority of Afghanistan (ARAZI) offers land on lease for long term at a very low cost (USD 4/Jerib per year) and up to 1000 ha lease to a single company for investments in economic activities.
ARAZI has awarded up to 32,000 ha land in 3,000 contracts in the past 5 years. 70 per cent of this land was allotted to a variety of industries in the private sector and 30 per cent was used by the agriculture sector. More than 20,000 jobs were created in both areas and investments valued at USD 600 million leveraged.

Steps for Leasing Land for Long term Investment through the Independent Land Authority of Afghanistan

Land Award Policy
“first come, first served”
How to Get Land on Lease?
By completing 9 steps and within 50 days you can get land on long term lease contract for all sectors & industries
Contract Period
Up to 50 Years Lease contract with two times renewable option
Land Size
Up to 5000 Jerib or 1000 ha land to one company in one lease contract
Lease Fee
Starts from as minimum as 200 Afghanis or USD 4/Jerib a year
Special Discounts and Favorable Processes
Investments of USD 50 million or above in any sector or industry and 10% for women owned businesses
Available Land for Lease
  • Kabul=5060 ha
  • Nangarhar=37825 ha
  • Balkh=33560 ha
  • Herat=7080 ha
  • Baghlan=8425 ha
  • Parwan=8360 ha

Roads of Afghanistan


Action Plan for Railways of Afghanistan

Hairatan – Mazar-e-Sharif
Length : 75 Km Status : Completed
Afghanistan – China – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – Iran
Length : 2100 Km Status : Planned
Bamyan – Kunduz
Length : 230 Km Status : Planned
Jalalabad – Kabul
Length : 120 Km Status : Planned
Bamyan – Herat
Length : 580 Km Status : Planned
Toorkham – Jalalabad
Length : 75 Km Status : Planned
Dilaram – Farah – Herat
Length : 275 Km Status : Planned
Khawaf – Herat
Length : 191 Km Status : Under Construction
Aqina – Sheberghan – Mazar
Length : 300 Km Status : Planned
Uzbekistan – Hairatan
Length : 15 Km Status : 15 Km
Islam Qala – Herat
Length : 124 Km Status : Under Construction
Total Planned Railway Track : 3429 Km Status : To be completed by 2025