Afghanistan Investment Support Agency

About Us

Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) was established in September 2003 in accordance with a directive issued by the President of Afghanistan as a One Stop Shop for Investors. AISA has been charged with the responsibilities of registration, licensing, support and promotion of all investments in Afghanistan. AISA began as an agency that provided licenses to companies wishing to invest in Afghanistan. AISA has now evolved into a pro-active institution in promoting and investments as well as developing industrial parks in Afghanistan.  

Our Vision

Leading Afghanistan towards a Destination of Choice for Investment in the Region and Beyond  

Our Mission

Our mission is to strategically promote Afghanistan as an attractive investment & business destination; accelerate economic growth through private investments and sustained industrial development; promote and sustain a culture of Research and Development; become a top notch destination for doing business in the country and region; develop a sustainable enterprise network; encourage SMEs in particular, by providing quality services to investors; support programmers for business enabling measures and reforms; and facilitate cross border partnerships.  

Major Services

Our core areas of function can be categorized in 5 areas discussed below: 1- Research and Development 

One of the core activities of AISA is to conduct studies and researches to identify investment opportunities,provide credible investment related figures, analyze investment climate, play active role in policy formulation dialogues and undertake initiatives to develop private sector in Afghanistan.

The following are the core areas of R&D functions: • Identify Investment Opportunities • Transform the Opportunities into Bankable Projects • Provide “Free of Charge” Investment Consultancy for Domestic and Foreign Investors • Partnerships with national and international research institutes/individual consultants and academia on conducting researches and studies. • Active engagement in policy formulation debates through wide and targeted dissemination of research findings, and conducting seminars & conferences in collaboration with other departments. up to 50 years.   2- Investment Promotion AISA functions as an Investment Promotion Agency tasked with communicating investment opportunities among national, regional and international stakeholders to ensure increasing domestic and foreign direct investment in Afghanistan. To achieve its vision of introducing Afghanistan as a destination of choice for investment in the region and beyond, AISA undertakes the following investment promotion activities: • Organize national conferences and exhibitions to evaluate the status of investments in Afghanistan, discuss challenges confronting investors and provide recommendations for obliterating the challenges, introduce locally produced goods among consumers to evoke a sense of local consumption, and market locally manufactured goods across the country. • Organize international conferences and exhibitions in pursuit of attracting FDIs, connecting domestic investors with their foreign counterparts and creating mass awareness of investment opportunities and investment climate reform initiatives among international investors. • Conduct media campaigns to change the negative perception of domestic and foreign investors from Afghan market and highlight the recent developments in economic, social, legal, political and technological factors of the country. • Business Innovation Center: This center is developed to connect young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to capital pursuing strategic programs. 3- Investment Licensing AISA functions as a “One Stop Shop” for registration and issuance of investment licenses to domestic and foreign companies pursuing streamlined procedures. AISA is ranked 24th in the World and 1st in South Asia (according to DBI report 2015) in issuing investment license. 4- Investment Support Services AISA provides investment support services during all phases of an investment. • Before Investment: During this phase, AISA provides valid and up- to- date information/ data on all aspects of investing and doing business (including information on economic, social, political, cost of production and relevant macro- economic factors) in Afghanistan. • During Investment: In this phase, AISA provides the following key support services to investors: Registering a business and issuing investment license Assisting the investors to get access to resources such as industrial plots, electricity, skillful labor, finance and other major resources. Assisting investors in import and export of raw materials and machineries Issuing visa support letters to foreign employees Issuing business passport letters to investors Providing legal advisory and conflict resolution support Marketing for Afghan products in local and foreign markets • After- Investment: In this phase, AISA helps investors in closing their business, selling their shares and assets, repatriating their capital and other support services.   5- Industrial Parks AISA plans and develops Industrial Parks in Key Strategic Positions Across the Country. AISA is also responsible for distribution of industrial plots to investors and managing and maintaining the industrial parks. AISA is currently managing 10 fully and semi- functional industrial parks and will be developing 17 new industrial parks across the country in next 5 years.  

AISA Regional Offices

  Our regional offices, in close cooperation with the central office are responsible all aforementioned services offered by AISA at sub-national level. They contribute proactively to mainly issuing investment licenses, domestic support and promotion activities, offering investment consultancy services and managing industrial parks. They also establish very close cooperation and support with local government institutions so as to facilitate investments regionally and also are responsible for informing the public on AISA’s activities and objectives. Our regional offices exist in key industrial provinces including Nangarhar, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Paktia, Helmand, Khust & Kunduz, and are open from Saturday to Thursday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm  

Contact Us

Research & Development Main Office, Kabul Mr. Muhammad Mustafa Jamal Director +93 728 991 007 [email protected]
Investment Promotion Main Office, Kabul Mr. Ahmad Waleed Majidyar Director +93 728 991 002 [email protected]
Investment Support Main Office, Kabul Mr. Nabi Khalili Director +93 728 991 003 [email protected]
Investment Licensing Main Office, Kabul Mr. Ghulam Rabani Mansoori Director +93 728 991 006 [email protected]
Industrial Parks Main Office, Kabul Mr. Zabiullah Nadire Director +93 728 991 004 [email protected]
North Zone Directorate Balkh Province Mr. Mohammad Siddiq Muradi Zonal Director +93 728 991 014 [email protected]
Northeast Zone Directorate Kunduz Province Mr. Mohammad Arif Hairat Zonal Director +93 728 991 015 [email protected]
Provincial Office Faryab Province Mr. Mohammad Naim Ghafoori Manager +93 728 991 022 [email protected]
Provincial Office Paktia Province Mr. Fazal-e-Rabi Mukhlis Manager +93 728 991 020 [email protected]
Provincial Office Helmand Mr. Fazal Omar Ajmal Manager +93 728 991 021 [email protected]
South Zone Directorate  Kandahar Province Mr. Hedayatullah Rahmati Zonal Director +93 728 991 018
East Zone Directorate  Nangarhar Province Mr. Ghulam Nabi Rahmanzai Zonal Director +93 728 991 017 [email protected]
Provincial Office Khost Province Mr. Mohammad Eisa Ahangar Manager +93 728 991 019 [email protected]