Investing in the Transportation & Logistic Sector

Afghanistan shares borders Iran, Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. Historically, it has served as trade route for many years connecting Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Afghanistan has been the traditional trade bridge for up to twobillion people around the world. It also provides support to other sectors operating in the country.

The existing number of vehicles (lorries, buses, cars, motorcycles, etc.) in Afghanistan is 1,866,283. The total transported goods in 2014-15 was 25,424 thousand tons, while the total transported passengers in the same year was 249 million.In the past decade Afghanistan has made phenomenal progress in its infrastructrue for transportation not only inside the country, but also to neighboring countries. The demand for logistical companies is continously growing and has great potential to expand in the future. Following are some areas that has great potential for private investments:

  • Public Transportation Services in major cities

  • Public Transportation among major citites of the country

  • Air freight and cargo services

  • Warehousing

  • Cold cargo and perishables storage

  • Package and document delivery services

  • Procurement and suppy services

  • Customsfacilitation

  • Standard vehicle maintenace services