Investing in the Telecommunication

Currently, the Afghan mobile telecommunication market is served by four private companies and one public company, with private firm investment up to USD 2 billion. With 24 million subscribers in 2014-15, the mobile phone networks cover about 90 percent of the total population.

The past decade’s development in this sector is unprecedented and can be deemed as one of the country’s success stories. However, the mobile service market has not fully developed and there is a gap for expansion through new private sector investments.


Significant investment opportunities exist in the supply of services other than mobile services in the telecommunication sector such as:

  • Data processing

  • Basic business processing operation

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Data transfer and data control services

  • Internet Service Providers(ISP)


The ICT sector’s dependence on overall infrastructure of the country is very low and therefore it is an attractive sector for private investment in:

  • Connecting Central Asia, China, and India with Afghanistan through Fiber Optics

  • Transferring Afghanistan into an IT hub with innovative and creative approaches

  • Call Centers for domestic and multinational companies