Investment License

Requirements to register a company or obtain an Investment License at AISA
  • Choose/reserve a few names for company.
  • If the name has already been chosen by another company, the next reserved name will be used.
  • The selected name should have meaning and correct spelling. It may contain words from Pashto, Dari, English or other international languages. The company name should not be in conflict with laws, culture, religion or other values in the country.
  • Presence of the president, vice president and shareholder(s) of the company along with their original ID documents (Tazkera for Afghan nationals and passport with valid visa for foreign nationals).
  • 6 (3×3.5) photos for president and vice-president of the company and 2(3×3.5) for shareholders.
  • Original national ID (Tazkera) of contact person. Contact person can be anyone other than president, vice president/shareholder of the company, and should be an Afghan national.
  • Rent/lease agreement or legal ownership document for verification of company’s office address. (Contract can be rent/lease agreement with property dealer, contract between two persons with the approval of the local attorney, contract with a market, legal land ownership document, or contract with another company along with the AISA license of that company). All presented documents must be duly signed, stamped, and should have all the relevant information.
  • In the absence of a president, vice president or shareholder(s) of the company, presence of his legal representative/attorney along with legal power of attorney letter and original ID documents (Tazkera for Afghan nationals and original passport for foreign nationals) is mandatory.
  • License fee payment according to fees guideline, which is based on the type of business activity and amount of initial investment.
  • According to Article 109 of the Income Tax Law, if an investor has already obtained a license from AISA, he/she must clear all tax obligations of that license till the end of last fiscal year. In case of failure of tax clearance, individuals/investors will not be able to obtain new license.
  • Companies with sectorial activities require approval from sector ministries (Transport and Civil Aviation, Agriculture, Public Health, Finance, Information and Culture, Interior Affairs, Telecommunications and IT, Mines & Petroleum, Counter Narcotics, and National Environmental Protection Agency, etc.). Approval of the relevant authorities must be taken first which is referred to the concerned authorities through an official letter from AISA.
  • Provision of original education and work experience documents of the president and vice president (for consultancy or legal services).
  • Company name approval from MoCI for manufacturing companies.
  • Provision of no criminal record letter for foreign nationals from Interpol.
  Note: If investor(s) already has a Tax Identification Number (TIN), they should provide a copy of it to the registration officer.    

Licenses that Requires Relevant Authorities Approval

NO Sector of Activities Agreement of the Relevant Organization
1 Hospital, Clinic, Production of Detergents, Production and Packaging Medicine, Serums, Production and Purification of Salt, Health Services Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan/Department of Pharmacy
2 Production of (Acid, Helium, Mono-Hydrates, Water Solution, Sulfur Solution), Production of Plastic Products (except for plastic bags), Production of Sulfur, Environmental Study or Survey National Environmental Protection Agency/Ministry of Counter Narcotics
3 Tourism Service, Radio & Television Network, Production of Audio & Video Programs, Press, Medical Tourism Ministry Of Information and Culture
4 IT, ICT, Internet Service Provider, Postal Services, Installation of Telecommunication System Ministry Of Communication and Information Technology/ ATRA
5 Demining Services Afghanistan National Disasters Management Authority
6 Employment and Human Resource Services Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and the Disabled
7 Risk Management, Police Training, Manufacturing of Military Uniform Ministry of Interior Affairs
8 Driving Training Course General Directorate of Traffic
9 Private Schools/Training institutes Ministry of Education
10 Financial Services, Banks, Loan Providing Services Central Bank of Afghanistan & Copy to Micro Finance Investment Facility of Afghanistan (MISFA)
11 Insurance Company Ministry of Finance/Department of Insurance
12 Higher Education Institutes, Universities, funding scholarships to study abroad Ministry Of Higher Education
13 Agriculture Services, Production of Fertilizers, Slaughterhouses, Livestock Breeding Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock
14 Quality Control Management, Norms and Standards, Transformation of Vehicle from petrol to Gas Equipment Machine Afghan National Standards Authority
15 Legal Services Afghanistan Independent Bar Association
16 Transportation Services, Taxi Services Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation
17 Aviation and Cargo Services Aviation and Cargo Services